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We help farmers get their finances all figured out, and bring them up to speed with technology so that they can have a clear vision of their farm’s financial health. We provide a modern approach to help build on a solid NZ tradition.
We have a real passion for helping farmers protect their tradition and the way they have done business for generations in NZ. To support this we provide bookkeeping services, education and implementation of financial technology for farmers in a very human way. We want farmers in NZ to have access to their financial data in real time and to use software that can help them in business. We want them to use these tools to their fullest, so not only will we keep their bookkeeping up to date, we’ll educate and support them along the way too.

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“Always good to benefit from your skills and very much looking forward to getting our heads around Figured”
– Bill Thomas
Longbeach Estate Ltd

A story about what life has been like for some of our farmers

Every day when Michael stops for his morning break not only does he enjoy a hot drink and the newspaper; he also now logs in to his software to check in on how things are all figured out with his farm.
This has been a revelation for Michael as now he has the data, in real time, to look at his financial position. And he knows every day exactly where he’s at. It’s allowed him to remove the blinders and enjoy the clear vision that technology provides him, whilst still enjoying doing business in the traditional New Zealand way.
But, life for Michael wasn’t always so easy. There was a time before this that Michael wasn’t able to see so clearly, and it was stressful.
Michael’s old system was desktop based and only one person could log in at a time. It wasn’t automated which meant we spent a lot of time manually entering data, and because we needed the physical paperwork to do that, data entry could only happen once or twice a month. His payroll system was also in need of a revamp, and to us it seemed that there were better things we could be doing. So we changed Michael’s system and moved him to Xero and Figured and put him onto an online payroll system.
Everyone that needs to can see the nitty gritty of his transactions. Michael’s accountant can look at the data in real time, helping them to more accurately determine his tax position. And Micheal can see his current cash position at a glance. Monthly we help him to keep the stock recs up to date and paying the supplier accounts is now a breeze. The staff are using a timesheet app which keeps him out of trouble with the labour inspectors. And he knows that he’s paying the right amount to everyone. Oh, and did we mention that he’s paperless!
So, farming and technology can go hand in hand. You don’t have to change the way you do business (and why would we want to change that?). Adding some technology and having the ideal advisory team to support your business close to hand, makes all of this happen very easily.

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At Nimba, we have an experienced professional team that can help you with all your bookkeeping tasks freeing up your time.

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Kim Hamill
Kim has always had a love of numbers and maths was definitely her strong subject at school.She spent much of my working life, prior to owning her business, working for chartered accountants. This was mostly in the payroll and tax administration areas.Kim gained a much broader sense of how a business operates when she became the office manager for a local wholesaling firm.Kim really enjoys anything to do with computer software; it constantly amazes her ideas humans come up with to make our lives more streamlined.In the last couple years Kim has taken up rowing and on a fine morning, summer and winter, you will find her on Lake Hood with a bunch of like-minded individuals.

I have worked in accounts and administration for over 20 years. In my spare time you will find my family and I, either at Speedway or fixing cars.

I have been a bookkeeper and administrator for my entire career and love working with Kim. I spend my spare time with my two wonderful daughters mostly horse riding. I love to swim and read too.

I live and breathe farming and I love doing the financials for our farming clients. When I’m not on the farm or working for Nimba I get involved with my kids school and sporting events. And if I get the chance I like to ride my horse.

I began working at Nimba as an after school girl in early March 2018. I attend Ashburton College and take the subjects of accounting and business. I play netball for Ashburton College and have played since I was 5 years old. I have previously worked with my mum at her coffee van and now help her in her café.

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Contact Us

Address: Level 2 131 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton 7700, PO Box 57, Ashburton 7740

Phone: 307 8448

Email: info@nimba.co.nz

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